Industry 4

  • 4 – advanced production, electronics and chips, sensor enabled predictive maintenance, huge computer power, neuroscience to analyse agile thinkers.


This is a site designed to connect our manufacturers across the Cumberland.

Strategic Partners : Cumberland Business Chamber Inc., Reengineering Australia, AMITAL and Western Sydney Business Access.

An incorporated Association of Associations focused on manufacturing in the west but not limited to the west.

M2M can be achieved by

  • knowing what the factory does down the road so that we source locally.
  • knowing what facilities for research are available and in what research these bodies specialise .
  • commercialising the items in the factories that need money, markets and motivation to get them out into the day light.

Manufacturing will cover as wide a definition as needed to ensure there are no barriers to entry in discussions.

‘M2M’ is the catch all for Innovation and “Advanced manufacturing.“ Innovation, as a word, has been well promoted. To many factory owners it is demonstrated as Microsoft or Apple where it really is on page 1 of the Quality manual ( ISO 9000) as continuous improvement It is  looking for better ways to ‘do it’, not being satisfied with the market that is in front of us now.

Advanced manufacturing is  robots and electronics where the adoption of a web site and computerised machinery is a start. This site brings the inexpensive research and advice to the manufacturer to assist in this pursuit of these two.

The brilliant won’t survive. The agile thinkers will.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 will introduce a new ear of automated production and data exchange in factories. Under  some definitions, the 4.0 in its name refers to the fact that it represents the fourth major disruption in modern manufacturing, following the lean revolution, increased outsourcing, and the first wave of automation. An alternative definition takes a longer-term view of manufacturing history, claiming that the first three disruptions involved the use of steam power, the discovery of electricity, and the introduction of computers in the workplace. In either case, Industry 4.0 represents a major advance that will change how we manufacture goods.

Industry 4.0 is a fairly recent innovation, and it wouldn’t be possible without some recent technological advances: increased data volumes, computational power, and connectivity; the emergence of big data analytics, and automated knowledge work; better human-machine interactions, such as those involving collaborative robots, and advanced production methods, including 3D printing.

Although Industry 4.0 techniques are relatively new to front-end and fabs and almost unknown at back-end factories, we’ve already seen some impressive results. The availability of low-cost automation options and advanced robotics is making it easier for chip manufacturers to reduce human error or accelerate production. Likewise, the use of sensor-enabled equipment and big data analytics lets semiconductor companies predict when plant equipment may need to be repaired or replaced ahead of any breakdowns. And better connectivity among products and machines gives managers more visibility into production steps, which helps them detect and address potential errors earlier in the process.

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  • Open Industry 4.0 Alliance launched at Hannover Messe
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  • Small Business Grants
    Funding is available to help innovative small businesses located in Melbourne to start-up and grow. Applications for 2019 now open and close 30 April 2019.
  • Cooperative Research Centres (CRC)
    SmartSat CRC will receive $245M total funding to deliver smart satellite systesm to provide real-time connectivity, surveillance and sensing capability in space and over land and sea.
  • Farm Business Assistance Program
    Funding is available to support farm businesses experiencing financial pressure as a result of prolonged drought conditions.

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